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To see the exhibit online, scroll down and click on the link that says: Enter Exhibition.

Once you enter the exhibition, you can click and drag to rotate the camera angle, and use the up and down arrows to move forward and back.

To purchase a piece:

  • click on the image
  • click on the i  in the circle at the top right
  •  click on the link that says "to purchase"
  • That will take you to page on this website 
  • where you will click on "Add to Cart" 
  • click on View Cart and check out. 
Payment can be made securely online using PayPal or by mailing a check. price does not include shipping. The artist will arrange for shipping and purchaser is responsible for shipping costs. Purchased artwork must remain in the exhibit until the exhibit closes on September 26th.

Juror's Statement from Sue Pollins at Greensburg Art Center:

I am so very honored to co jury this memorable collaboration between the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, the Greensburg Art Center and the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. These entities that honor creativity have  been part of my life since the 1960s as a volunteer, advocate, officer, teacher, member and more.

My approach to this duty, Is to first seek each artists intent, their perception of an idea, then appraise their concept of how to share that idea and then to adjudge their abilities in creating it, the product we share here. Design, division of space, presentation of chosen idea are paramount, technique is necessary, communication happens. What a glorious sharing that can be.

This is a fine showing of varied successes to that end. 

Bravo to all!

Sue Pollins

And the winners are:

The Westmorland Museum of American Art:

1st Place: 

Pittsbourgeois by Frank Webb

2nd Place: 

October Morning Rain by William Vrscak

3rd Place:

After Iceland 9 by Patricia Kelly

Greensburg Art Center:

1st Place:

Booby Trap for the Unsuspecting Beans 

by Bruce Bobick

2nd Place:

Conversation by Eileen Sudzina

3rd Place:

Troupes by Jeannie McGuire

Juror's Statement from Barbara Jones at The Westmoreland Museum of American  Art:

I congratulate the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society on their 76th year. It’s wonderful to see that this group remains a strong and positive presence in this region.

As a juror, I am particularly drawn to technique in all media. In watercolor specifically, I look for subtle nuances in technique, not easily visible in digital images. I am drawn to those artists who use the medium in non-traditional and challenging ways, no matter whether the work is representational or abstract, complex 

or extremely simple.

In the 69 works of art that I had the opportunity to review, I found an exceptional diversity in style, subject, composition, and technique.  In the 21 selections for The Westmoreland, I tried to represent a broad range of the work that I saw overall. I enjoyed the rich and varied use of materials, effects of light and shadow, reflections, subject matter, as well as the mix of abstraction and realism in portraits, still life, and landscape paintings. It is evident in all the work submitted that there is experience with the use of this medium, revealed in the complexity of composition, fluidity in the handling of the paint, and in the skill at creating transparency, translucency, and shifting values through multiple layers of color.

It is rewarding to see so much good work being created in the watercolor medium, both traditionally and non-traditionally, and to know that so many talented artists are drawn to it and are utilizing it in myriad ways.

The Westmoreland is especially pleased to be collaborating with the Greensburg Art Center for this celebration of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society.

Barbara L. Jones

Chief Curator

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art

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