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Digital Entry Instructions

To help entrants better handle the digital conversion process, we have assembled a page of instructions to help you navigate the digital conversion process.

Note that Pittsburgh Watercolor Society only accepts online entries to Aqueous Open using the online service at www.callforentry.org 

Another useful resource for artists is www.picresize.com

Submitting a digital image on a CD

Begin with a good quality image of your work, taken without flash in open shade or direct sunlight, with the camera squared with your painting.
These instructions are for Photoshop Elements, but the principles apply to other photo editing software.

OPEN the file from your camera card.

CROP the image so that only your painting is visible. If you choose to adjust the contrast or color saturation, this is the time to do it. Remember that your final product must closely resemble your painting in both value range and color saturation.

Be certain that your file mode is RGB.

GOTO: Image > Mode and check on RGB Color.

Get the image to the correct size and resolution:

Open the Image Size Dialogue Box.

GOTO: Image > Resize > Image Size.

Change the resolution to 300 pixels/inch.
The longest side of your image should be 1920 pixels, so which ever is longer, Width or Height, change that number to 1920. The other dimension will change accordingly.

Be sure Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions, and Resample Image Bicubic are all checked.

Save Your Image:

GOTO: File > Save As
Change the File Name to comply with the instructions in the prospectus. It should be your name and the title of the painting.

File format must be JPG. JDoe_Title.JPG Click SAVE.

On the next screen, change Quality to Maximum.
In the Format Options, choose Baseline (Standard) Click OK.

Copy Your File(s) to CD

Use the Help function on your computer if you do not know how to do this. Make sure you have actually burned the CD. Take the CD out of your computer, put it back in and open one of the images on the disk to make sure the disk has burned correctly.
Label your CD with your name and the title(s) of your painting(s). Use a CD marker, not a felt tip pen. Put the CD in a protective sleeve before mailing.
You must mail your entry with the completed registration form and your check. Check the exhibit prospectus for details on how your entry should be submitted.

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