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Watercolor on Yupo at McMurray Art League Sept 29th 2015

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  • 31 Aug 2015 5:45 PM
    Message # 3504144

    An all day class focusing on different ways to use Yupo.  

    To register go to McMurray's website:http://mcmurrayartleague.wildapricot.org/Classes

    To see more of Nicole's work go to: www.artbynicolerenee.com 

    This workshop, designed for both artists and non-artists alike, will take you quickly through my process of painting before going through a few paintings of your own.  After lunch we will do a short critique focusing on composition and design before going back to painting.  The focus of this workshop is to both teach you some new techniques but more importantly, to free you up to make mistakes and capitalize on these mistakes and use them in your paintings to create something more unique.  The process should be freeing to most people.  We will not be trying to finishing a painting but you will be able to take some started paintings home with you. 

       I will provide 3 sheets of yupo paper for you to try out. 

       A variety of materials to manipulate the paint with

  • 30 Nov 2015 12:43 AM
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  • 01 Dec 2015 7:25 AM
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  • 01 Dec 2015 2:10 PM
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  • 04 Jan 2016 10:12 PM
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  • 15 Jan 2016 5:59 PM
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    This does look pronisimg. I'll keep coming back for more.
  • 15 Jan 2016 6:35 PM
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    Your's is a point of view where real innecligetle shines through.
  • 15 Jan 2016 6:58 PM
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    Your answer was just what I needde. It's made my day!
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